Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance is essential for durable and dependable doors. Purchasing garage door maintenance will ensure your home is secure from break-ins. BGD Garage Doors’ top priority is providing safety to your family by guaranteeing your garage doors function properly.

OBM Garage Doors has been assisting customers across Florida for years. We supply the best garage door maintenance to make your daily life safer and more convenient.

Some maintenance services provided by our expertise:

  • Cleaning garage door tracks
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Inspecting rollers, pins & cables
  • The tightening of roller brackets and bolts
  • Correcting garage door alignment
  • Examining the safety features of all doors
  • Checking for damage, water intrusion, warping & more

Most importantly, please call us for an inspection if you hear unusual sounds while opening or closing your garage door. Any damage, no matter how small can lead to significant and costly damage. Let a professional inspect the noise and inform you of the issue before further damage occurs. All garage doors have high tension springs that can cause serious injury or death if touched by someone unqualified for the job. We highly recommend you call a professional so we can thoroughly inspect the issue and fix it at your earliest convenience.

We are here for you every single day at any given time.

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